Operations, Technology and Industry 4.0

Our operations practice assists our clients to:

  • optimize operational performance while reducing costs focusing on machine reliability, throughput & quality as well as the organization
  • make the right capital investment decisions
  • leverage Industry 4.0 technologies, approaches and insights

The practice encompasses all production stages and all major support processes including maintenance, procurement, S&OP and supply chain.  We work on the shop floor, in the control pulpit, at the maintenance shops and in the “back office”.

We help clients to better understand the implications of digitalization and Industry 4.0 for their businesses and to build roadmaps to harness its transformational potential. In most cases, the starting point is the opportunity to improve equipment performance to deliver sustainable EBITDA increase.

Industry 4.0 also disrupts traditional capital investment and risk/return calculations: smaller scale investments and the ability to “start fast/fail fast” demand a faster, more agile decision-making process and governance process.

We take a holistic approach that interdependencies between people, processes and assets.  We also bring a proven set of proprietary and standardized tools, understanding of the critical KPIs, and access to the latest thinking and developments from our academic and industry partnerships.

Use Case:

Accelerating the sales & operations planning process and information flow by definition of cross-departmental procedures and precisely defined roles and responsibilities

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