We are a global management consulting group that serves the leading international companies in the steel, metals & mining industry. We help our customers transform their businesses to achieve targets and seize opportunities created by industry disruption and transformation.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are one of the leading players in global steel, metals & mining industry consulting and have successfully executed projects in all product categories, all regions of the world and in all stages of the value chain.

Our people

We know that RCG is about our people. Continuous recruiting and development of skills are one of our key priorities so that we can quickly provide the right team to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our people are top graduates from the leading universities worldwide and include engineers, scientists, business managers, and industry executives. They have joined RCG for the opportunity to apply their skills, to grow, and to contribute to the success of RCG.

Joachim Schroeder

Joachim Schroeder is the Founder and Chairman of Research & Consulting Group.

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