How we work with our clients

Our work is characterized by

  • Objectivity: we are notcompromised by ambitions to sell follow-on engineering, IT implementation or outsourcing
  • Active engagement of principals: not just in sales, but in all phases of delivery
  • Client collaboration:  we work alongside our clients, understanding the views of all stakeholders without losing our independence
  • Industry knowledge: Our people have direct industry experience; they are not cross-industry generalists
  • Internal synergies: our teams do not need to crossinternal organizational boundaries to incorporate insights from different practice areas

Our work is hypothesis-led, and our conclusions are fact-based.

We do not start our engagements with a blank sheet of paper on which clients can write their own strategies for us to rubber stamp.  Nor do we start with pre-determined answers that the project is designed to simply confirm. 

Rather, we identify and develop preliminary hypotheses around the critical issues underlying the engagement, and then test them against the facts that emerge through the work, validating or replacing them accordingly