Markets, Customers and Sales

A detailed, accurate understanding of markets, channels and customers is the essential foundation for strategy at all levels of the enterprise.  We have carried out more than 100 market assessments, covering all major product groups and most of the major steel, metals & mining consuming regions of the world.

Starting from this foundation, we help clients in all aspects of their commercial activities, from strategy to sales processes, organization and metrics.  We help them to:

  • better understand their markets, customers and competitive position at a detailed level
  • develop strategies to increase margin generation through the optimization of product mix-vs. volume-vs price tradeoffs
  • identify potential customer value chain disruptions (e.g., material substitution, shift to circular consumption, dis-intermediation) and develop effective responses
  • optimize their commercial operating model and business processes, identifying opportunities to deploy advanced technologies where justified 

While we have an extensive set of market databases and models that we leverage, each of our assignments has unique dimensions which call for detailed investigation rather than a recycling of pre-existing data.

Use Case:

Proving the feasibility of a strategic investment to secure and improve the positioning in the European market

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