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Strategy & Corporate Development

Now more than ever, steel and metal companies must shape their strategies – in a business environment of intensifying competition, stagnating demand and changing buying patterns.

We help our clients develop and implement winning strategies, and, thus, to lastingly improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Our Strategy & Corporate Development expertise covers the following areas:

Business Strategy
A clearly defined business strategy provides the basis for positioning your company successfully in the market, concentrating on your strengths and, thus, standing out from competitors. The corporate strategy plays a central role impacting all activities of the value added chain and determining the strategy of the subordinate profit centers. Our experts see themselves as partners at eye level with the client and support them in developing a business strategy to pave the way for long-term profitable growth.
Product Strategy
To differentiate your company in today’s dynamic competitive environment, a clearly defined product strategy is essential. We help you analyze existing product portfolios and forecast the development of consuming industries to support product-related strategic decisions. In close cooperation with the client, we then develop a future product strategy and define the route for a successful implementation.
Sales Strategy
The sales team is the driving force of a company’s growth. However, this requires a well elaborated sales strategy. We assist you in developing a comprehensive and methodical approach to target your market, approach the right clients and close sales deals successfully. Together with the client, we develop a future sales strategy and also support you in the implementation process.
Growth Strategy
Internal Growth: Investment Strategy
Your company may consider a brownfield / greenfield investment project. We support you in evaluating the potential of the proposed project by means of a feasibility study. This study is based on an extensive investigation to secure your investment and financial decisions. As a result, the feasibility study identifies opportunities and threats coming from the market perspective and also elaborates key requirements for the equipment and technology suppliers. Finally, we provide a solid basis for your business plans as well as bankability of the project.
External Growth: M&A Strategy
In the current economic climate, companies must react quickly to changing markets and demands. We support you during the complete M&A process - within the framework of a Due Diligence. We create a solid basis for financial and strategic investors and help you develop an M&A strategy to make your mergers and acquisitions succeed. Following a successful M&A process, we also support you in the process of post-merger integration.

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