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Against the background of current dynamics of steel mill costs, companies must drive operational excellence to succeed in the long-run.

We help our clients optimize and restructure their operations, while reducing costs and, thus, improving efficiency of the company’s units.

Our Operations expertise covers the following areas:

Supply Chain Management
An efficient supply chain management is the key factor for a company’s growth and globalization, and is essential for decisions regarding M&A or transformations. Consequently, supply chain strategies have a large impact on your company’s performance covering the procurement of goods, to its production or processing till sales. Therefore your strategy should consider existing suppliers, production, distribution, and clients. We help you design a supply chain strategy and support you in the implementation process. Together with the client, we develop solution approaches for all your operative areas, applying lean principles and taking into account your current processes.
Smart Maintenance
Maintenance of industrial machinery is a complex task that, in case of machinery failure, might result in increased operational expenses. One of the major challenges for companies is to make those processes more efficient and robust - by implementing the smart maintenance concept. Based on an analysis of the actual maintenance organization and problems, we help our clients optimize their maintenance processes. We support you in the design and roll-out of the maintenance optimization concept. Finally, this holistic approach allows you to reach highest reliability, availability and flexibility of your production – while saving costs.


Lean Services
Nowadays cost reduction, rising cash flow and process optimization are the main goals for each company and have become a clear competitive advantage. This has driven companies to outsource some of their resources by implementing lean service models. By integrating approaches of central areas of the companies, optimized processes and a better performance are achieved.  
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
If your company is failing to make decisions in a timely fashion, this might result in lost sales or excess costs. S&OP is the interface between sales and production processes, integrating all of the planning steps such as sales, production and procurement into a planning model. The objective of this integration is to allow a harmonized company management process linking your tactical and operational planning with your strategies. After having clearly defined your objectives and needs, we support you in the reorganisation of your processes - taking into account your product portfolio, already existing processes, potentials and possible weak points as well as your IT systems. Finally, an efficient S&OP process helps you optimize lead and production times, as well as production costs.
Digital Supply Chain
Poor efficiency in the supply chain of steel and metal companies gave us the idea to develop a new product – the Digital Supply Chain. This solution implements appropriate IT systems to create a digital platform, which leads to a more efficient and faster supply chain. The implementation of the digital supply chain requires a business transformation. By making digitalization a part of your company’s strategy and improving the vertical integration of different planning levels, the different departments of your company communicate and have access to the right data at the right moment. This might be also supported by an adequate Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

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